Amelie Rosseneu


Amelie Rosseneu - Registered dietitian and former top-athlete

Amelie Rosseneu is a certified dietitian, member of the Olympic dietitian team in Wingate Institute. As an athlete, she won several medals in Grand Prix’s and Grand Slams and became U23 European Champion.

"As a professional athlete, my studies as dietitian and curiosity regarding the use of nutrition to improve performance made me a better athlete. Now that it's my turn to stand on the sideline and support athletes."

Amelie focuses her dietitian interest in combat sports. After three years of research, she published the book “Making Weight & Everything Else” - a book about weight management and all other important aspects of a fighter’s diet. In this book, she combines her knowledge as a dietitian with her experience as an athlete to provide an easy to digest source of information about nutrition.

Amelie now works with combat sports athletes from all over the world, writes articles and works in cooperation with Fighting Films, and

How can Amelie help you?

Nutrition plays an important role in an athlete's life. While the right nutrition can fuel your training, speed up recovery, and enhance training adaptations, the wrong nutrition can diminish your hard work on the mat. Amelie can help you build your perfect nutrition plan, so you can give it 100% in training and competition.

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