Daily Training Follow up Judo including access to Budo TV´s platform

A big challenge for many athlets in individual sports is that they feel that they are alone a lot of the time.

Many hours we train by ourselves, like running, weight training. but even uchi komi training with bands, we often do alone. A short feedback from a coach/ trainer after or during these trainings is very valuable!

During 30 Days, we will have a Daily session of 10-15 minutes, where we go through the training of the day. We work on the technical, physical and mental part of your training.

Included in the suscribtion is a 12 month accesst o my videoplatform with judo and ju jitsu techniques. (Worth €78:-).

PS. Some Days it can take more then 10-15 minutes, other Days the session can only be a question which can be replied by mail on the AAJJ platform.


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