Team Building and Coaching (large group)

One of the most important things to know as a team is the goals you are aming for. But goals go in many ways, pratical goals as sales targets, but you should also have mental and social goals for your team! Otherwise it could give some problems as the business grows. Personal values are the base of Everything we do and Everything we want for the future, and you need to have that perfectly clear BEFORE you start working together.

I work with a ranking system which easily and very detailed will show you what is most important for you personally and the team right now, and what your/ the teams core values are.

Like we mentioned, There is a direct connection in the core values we have and the things we do or do not do. This is no different in sports.

We will discuss the ranking and do a coaching session on Skype with some exercises. We will facilitate the session, and you will coach each other in Groups of three persons.

The ranking will take each person about 20 min to do. The coaching session takes about three to four hours.

I recommend a follow up session after about one month for about one to two hours.


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