150 New Exercises Added for Abdominal and Oblique Muscles!
At Athlete Analyzer, we're committed to constantly enhancing your training experience, and today, we're thrilled to share a significant addition to our platform. We've just expanded our exercise library with approximately 150 brand-new exercises specifically targeting the abdominal and oblique muscle groups!
Expanding Your Training Arsenal: Athlete Analyzer adds New Animated Exercises
At Athlete Analyzer, we're constantly striving to provide you with the tools you need to excel in your training and achieve your performance goals. We're excited to announce a significant enhancement to our platform that will help your training routines and elevate your performance: the addition of nearly 1000 new animated exercises during this fall!
Elevate Your Performance: The Benefits of Tracking HRV for Elite Athletes and Coaches
By incorporating HRV analysis into your training routine, you can optimize your preparation, fine-tune your training, manage stress effectively, and gain a competitive edge. Get ready to elevate your performance and reach new heights of athletic success. Start tracking your HRV today and embark on a journey towards peak performance like never before. Your dreams await—seize them with the power of HRV.
Introducing Athlete Analyzer Kiosk: Simplifying Athlete Reporting and Improve Compliance
We are thrilled to introduce the Athlete Analyzer Kiosk, a new app designed to simplify athlete reporting and improve compliance. With this new app, athletes can effortlessly report their training, wellness, and weight data, directly at your training location or dojo.
Who is Athlete Analyzer built for?
Athlete Analyzer is built for all competitive athletes that want to become better at their sport, regardless of their current competition level.
Why many athletes don’t benefit from video analysis – and how to fix it
Top-level coaches and athletes across all sports and disciplines have one thing in common – almost all of them have been involved in or subjected to video analysis.
Marco Scheiterbauer’s recipe for success – optimizing performance for the German National Taekwondo
In Taekwondo, Marco Scheiterbauer leaves nothing to chance. This has resulted in many international medals as well as him being a 10x German Taekwondo Champion. Now he takes his scientific approach to the German National Taekwondo Team – and shares his recipe for success.

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